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This site is maintained by Steve Schapel.


It is a relatively informal collection of resources related to the use of Microsoft Access.






*          Showing data from a related table
A summary of several approaches to getting related data on a form

*          Many-to-what?
Some thoughts on understanding many-to-many relationships

*          Frontend update
One approach to distributing a version update of your application

*          Phone or E-mail
Getting the most from your communication with your independent IT professional

*          One by One
Using SendObject to email a separate report to each member of a group

*          What age, exactly?
Deriving Age in years from Date of Birth, with accurate allowance for leap day birthday

*          Output to SMS
Using FTP to send text message from within an Access application

*          Sub and Subsub
A conceptual overview of a subform showing data related to another subform

*          Naming of Controls
… with respect to field names in Forms and Reports
- Guest author A.D. Tejpal (Access MVP)

*          The Key is Primary
Some considerations for assigning a Primary Key in a database table

*          Access in Action
A collection of real-world examples of where Access applications have found a niche






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