Microsoft Office Access Makes a Difference




It appears that Access is sometimes not well understood in some quarters.


On the other hand, if there is a requirement for an economical, feature-rich desktop database application, it is difficult to find a better tool for the job than Access.


Newcomers to Access have as examples:

-       templates as supplied by Microsoft (which are applications that lend themselves to being “templatised”)

-       sample applications in books (which are chosen by the author on the basis of illustrating principles)

-       sample applications in courses (which are chosen on the basis of illustrating principles)


And then, there are the applications that are built in real businesses and organisations to provide real results, and these applications may or may not be similar to the templates or the book/course examples.


So, for the purpose of illustrating “where does Access fit in”, I thought it would be helpful to gather up a number of examples of real-world scenarios of Access applications.  Nothing grandiose, no illustrations, screen-shots, etc, nor technical details.  Just a synopsis, something about which we could say "Access is the best tool for this job".  I know there are potentially millions of examples of this, of course.  But some Access MVPs have provided examples from their own work, to illustrate the range of ways in which Access has found a niche.




The list of examples I have collected will be added to in time, so check back later.  And each one, some of them brief, constitutes a separate article on my blog at  Below is a list of links to these articles.


*  Timber joinery – a multi-functional application.  Graham Mandeno

*  Fishing lodge – a movable application.  Albert Kallal

*  Roof parts – a manufacturing application.  Allen Browne

*  Apparel/Footwear – a multi-national application.  Peter Doering

*  Tree breeding – a botanical application.  Joan Wild

*  Welding shop – a heavy duty application.  Tony Toews

*  Restaurants – a well connected application.  Jeff Conrad

*  Medical research – a soporific application.  Karl Donaubauer

*  Recipe ingredients – a nutritional application.  Duane Hookom

*  Airplane maintenance – a low-level application.  Tom Wickerath

*  Shipping – a nautical application.  Alex Dybenko

*  Point of Sale – a mercantile application.  Ken Snell

*  Hair care – a production application.  Pat Hartman

*  Auction house – a bidden application.  Steve Schapel

*  Home building – a construction application.  Arvin Meyer

*  Animal shelters – a benificence application.  John Vinson

*  Selection – miscellaneous applications.  John Viescas

*  Contact management – a tracking application.  John Nurick

*  Senior games – a sporty application.  Jeff Boyce

*  Literature fulfillment – a distribution application.  Armen Stein

*  Converting Spreadsheets – back-linked applications.  Garry Robinson

*  Health status – a finger on the pulse application.  Oliver Stohr

*  Affinity – a mass mailing application.  George Hepworth

*  Document Management – a collaboration application.  Rick Brandt

*  Print Shop – an application to impress.  Mark Davis

*  Commercial Weaving – a warped application.  Al Campagna

*  Mutual Funds – a profitable application.  Thomas Möller

*  Homeland Security – a compliant application.  John Mishefske

*  Art Collection – a corporate application.  Scott Diamond

*  Stamp Duty Tax – a submissive application.  Leigh Purvis

*  Process Tracking – a robotic application.  Brent Spaulding

*  Taxi Reservations – a dispatched application.  Paul Baldarelli

*  WIA Reporting – a social policy application.  Dave Hargis

*  Product Distribution – a MIS application.  Glenn Lloyd

*  Investment Banking – a bigtime application.  Graham Seach

*  Equipment Service – a cervical application.  Sascha Trowitzsch

*  Rodeos – a ridden application.  Jack Cowley

*  SMS Messaging – a texting application.  Branislav Mihaljev

*  Medical POS – an effective application.  Bob Larson

*  ParkRoads – a here to there application.  Jeanette Cunningham

*  Training Registration – an erudite application.  Roger Carlson

*  Franchise Management – an opportunistic application.  Gina Whipp

*  Claims Reconciliation – an epic application.  Doug Yudovich

*  Materials Planning – a heart and sole application.  Ben Clothier et al

*  … more coming soon!!!





Steve Schapel


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